Wednesday, November 11, 2009

second post of the day? Wat?!

That's a first.

I find myself at Side St. bar in Portland's Belmont District with a glass of cheap cab and an aging 'puter (two human years equates into 15 computer years/time to upgrade). My intention is to send out a bunch of emails to demo managers of various local grocery [natural food] stores - New Seasons, Whole Foods, food co-ops and the like to set up demos for Papa G's (my current place of employment). Aside from being the most Organic Vegan Deli in Portland, Oregon - Papa G's sells dank packaged tofu in three magnificent flavors: Barbecue, Savory Sesame, and Original Recipe. I've taken over as demo coordinator for Papa G's in addition to working at the deli four nights a week. I love Papa G's and everything it stands for - using all organic ingredients, composting just about everything (recycling the rest), buying and providing local produce and labeling everything so customers know what's local and what's not, employing wonderful people like moi (!), among other things, among many, many, other things.

So, anyway, the point of this post is not to talk about Papa G's, although, I will miss them dearly when I am on my travels. (P.S. I haven't told them I'm leaving, yet :/ )

The point of this post is to discuss my recent trip to my co-op, People's Food Co-op. Here is the list of items I retrieved:

Dino Kale
Oats (whole oats, sproutable)
Medjool dates
Garbanzo beans
Navy beans
Black beans

I am going to start a new recipe for scones tomorrow by sprouting the oats and soaking the walnuts and [local!] hazelnuts tomorrow. I am also excited to sprout the garbanzo, navy, and black beans and make some raw bean dips and raw hummus out of sprouted garbanzo beans for the first time. I've made a raw hummus using zucchini and raw tahini before, which is delicious (duh), but I've yet to sprout beans. I hear they are difficult to digest (cooked or sprouted), but lately I am having trouble digesting just about everything so I might as well explore the world of sprouted beans, grains, and seeds. I plan to post pics, of course.

I guess, that's it. My boyfriend has just arrived with his friends and I should probably mingle a bit. 

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