Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have low iron levels

...according to

What's new in My World of Raw:

I just registered with and began logging my meals to see how many calories I eat per day. More importantly, I'm interested in seeing what percentage of those calories are proteins, carbs, and fats and how much vitamin C, A, iron, and calcium I'm getting every day. Here is today's report:

It's really time-consuming at first because I have to search through the Nutridiary database to find each individual ingredient for my meals and if I can't find those ingredients (i.e. wheatgrass, kamut, rice milk, etc) then I have to create a "new food" in my personal database and type in their specific nutrition facts. Logging each day's food will become a lot easier as I become accustomed with the site and expand my personal database with the foods I consume on a daily basis.

My iron levels are only at 75%. I did some research and came across a list of iron-rich foods. I've decided that the easiest way for me to get enough iron into my diet is to include more sea vegetables. I've been adding dulse (a type of seaweed) flakes to my soups and salads as a natural source of iodine. I opt for sea salt over regular iodized table salt because sea salt is less processed and contains trace minerals. However, sea salt lacks adequate levels of iodine, which is vital for the formation of thyroid hormones. It's good to know that dulse, along with all types of sea vegetables, is also a rich source of iron! (I am getting sleepy and beginning to ramble...)

 Meanwhile, my babies are sprouting!

I've decided I'm going to make a three-bean hummus dip with half of the sprouted beans, and a three-bean mexican dip with the other half for raw tacos! Omg, I can't wait. I'm so hungry right's been...10 hours since I had my last meal. This whole 'Daylight Diet' is for the birds. I look forward to the day the sun doesn't set until 9:00 P.M. And I look forward to breakfast tomorrow morning! Oranges and bananas sprinkled with fennel and chopped dates...and maybe sliced persimmons. Aggh. Stop it.

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