Thursday, November 12, 2009

Caffeine-less caffeine trip!

I am really impressing myself with my recent blog dedication. Damn, Jaz.

What's new in My World of Raw:
Today I woke up feeling unusually energized like I've had one too many cups of maté. I haven't felt this way in awhile without the use of some kind of stimulant such as tea or raw cacao and I will attribute it to a few changes I've made in the past two weeks:

1) I started taking a nutritional powder called Vitamineral Earth by HealthForce Nutritionals in addition to the Vitamineral Green powder that I've been taking for several months.

Vitamineral Earth is a combination of several beneficial root vegetables, seeds, herbs, and grounding spices that help build immunity during the Fall/Winter months and into Spring. It also contains a dose of omega essential fatty acids and trace minerals. I was informed by a HealthForce employee that "Earth" is great during this time of year, but doesn't have to be consumed year-round. It is a wonderful complimentary supplement to Vitamineral Green.

Vitamineral Green is a little different in that it can be taken year-round and contains algaes, grasses, leafy greens, and seaweeds. It also contains probiotics and digestive enzymes for healthy intestinal flora.
Instead of adding the Vitamineral Green into my morning green smoothies (I discontinued making my morning green smoothies because it stopped sounding appealing), I've been adding one heaping tablespoon of Vitamineral Green and one heaping tablespoon of Vitamineral Earth into a cup of organic rice milk (not raw) with a few drops of liquid stevia. I am insanely addicted to it. I have one glass in the morning when I wake up and one in the evening before I go to bed. It reminds me of a sweet cup of matcha or a green tea latté from Starbucks, which I used to buy daily before I went raw. My boyfriend, Evan, enjoys a creamy serving of this nutrient-packed a.m./p.m. drink, as well.

Other ideas for getting an extra dose of greens and immune-boosting roots is to add these magical powders to soups, smoothies, salad dressings, and/or sauces.

2) Five days ago, I started enforcing the rule of eating only during daylight hours.

Over the course of the last six months, I've gained upwards of 10+ lbs. I think the reason for my weight gain is due to the fact that I work the closing shift at my job. During the the summer when we were really busy, I wasn't getting home until midnight or later, which meant I wasn't eating dinner until the early morning in most cases. This took a huge toll on my digestive tract and I started packing on the pounds (not to mention waking up with a stomach ache - feeling bloated and lethargic).

Two days after I nixed the late-night eating habit, I had already dropped two pounds! Now I'm on day six and I feel really, really good! I am still allowing myself to drink tea after dark (or red wine in last night's case) and that includes my new addiction - the rice milk/Vitamineral shake. It gives me something to look forward to after work and keeps me motivated :)

3) On Monday of this week, I wrote some new goals and revisited some old ones from a year ago that I plan to read through and apply to my life on a daily basis.

Goals (11/09/09)
1. I will lose 10 lbs. by January 1st by eating only during daylight hours.
2. I will find joy, passion, meaning, and fun in my job and work.
3. I will re-master and apply the law of substitution and see every situation, day, opportunity, and moment as a positive one.
4. I will find my path to optimum health and continue to discover what foods, combinations and activities work best for my mind, body, and spirit.
5. I will achieve, create, and inspire euphoric relationships.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen I have my oats and nuts soaking for the new batch of raw scones I will be making tomorrow as well as the navy beans, black beans, and garbanzo beans I bought from the co-op last night.

I rinsed the oats and beans and will continue to soak them until I see little sprouts popping out of their bodies (probably another eight hours or so, I'm guessing?). Then I will rinse and drain them again and allow them to germinate for a bit before I process them. After rinsing the soaked nuts, I tossed them in the dehydrator so they will be nice and dry by tomorrow morning.

And here's a pic of my breakfast this morning:

 My breakfast bowl included two cups of flame grapes, one navel orange, two bananas, a handful of spinach, and a rib of celery. I thought it would be nice to contrast the death pot with the living fruit bowl! Which one would you choose?

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