Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Once upon a time I was a singer...

I did spend a gajillion dollars to get schooled (or skool'd) by Berklee College of Music after all. Over the last couple of years I've let myself lose the juice. The inspiration and determination to keep up with singing leaked right out of me (heh, gross). As the saying goes, 'use it or lose it' and I completely lost it (my voice, that is). Don't worry, kids. I will get it back. In fact, I'm getting it back right now as I type.

Yes, I'm doing my vocal exercises whilst updating my blog.

For some reason, it feels like a waste of time to devote an hour solely to vocal exercises. I used to do it daily back in college and high school. Nowadays, it feels like I have so many things on my plate that I can only make room for it if I'm also completing a separate task simultaneously (i.e. cleaning my room, updating the blog, doing my nails, checking my action -  etc). But that argument only rings < > true because I had a ton of shit on my plate in both college/high school and I don't actually think devoting an hour of my time exclusively to singing is a waste. I do, however, think that I'm more likely to go through with my vocal exercises if I feel more productive by multi-tasking. So here I am...

sblinging. blinging. sblogging. singing whilst blogging. slogging.

What's new in My World of Raw:

Today I went on a short, 35-min slow jog. I always jog slowly. I figure if I'm moving, that's good enough. Oops, I forgot about my vocal exercises. (::tongue trills on a 5-tone scale::)

I ate a banana and two cups of flame grapes pre-jog and had a cup of earl grey tea. Got home and made a raw soup with blended romaine, apple, garlic, avocado, oregano, chipotle pepper powder, cumin, nutritional yeast and a myriad other spices - my soups (and sauces and dressing, for that matter) are always clusterfuck amalgams of several different cuisines combined into one. I've been skipping my green smoothies lately for some reason. I've been craving less sweet morning smoothies and more savory, pungent foods all the time (craving raw onions like crazy!) So today I decided to make a raw green soup. It was delicious! Just what my taste buds desired.

I drizzled the soup over a bed of baby spinach, diced up half an onion, a rib of celery, a few slices of cucumber, cracked some fresh black pepper and a hit of dulse flakes and oila! (then I did it again for seconds)

I started keeping a food journal, too! I want to eventually enter everything into some kind of online calorie/nutrient counter so I can see what ratios of proteins, fats, and carbs I'm consuming and (hopefully) what nutrients, if any, I'm missing.

I might begin posting the results here.

I'm scheduled to depart Portland Jan 1st-ish heading south to Mexico and beyond. More on that soon.

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