Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Teetering on a fence

* finally moved out of LA.
* excited about the future.
* scared to death.
* looking forward to many, many, planned and spontaneous adventures. 
* afraid of disconnecting.
* wishing I had one of those screen privacy filters for my laptop.
* in a coffee shop on Haight in San Francisco. 
* happy here for now.
* leaving Friday.
* anxious to sit down at a piano and stay there for two weeks.
* so thankful for Tennille and all my friends and family.
* all aflutter about many things.
* disappointed it didn't work out.
* certain of nothing.
* horny.
* on the brink of tears.
* feeling better than I have in months.
* hopeful.
* reluctant.
* apprehensive. 
* second-guessing every thought.
* not quite forgotten.
* definitely not forgetting.
* up.
* down.
* embracing.
* rejecting.
* ungrounded.
* holding tight.
* slipping.
* more confused than ever.
* ready to be done.
* willing to start over.
* teetering on a fence.

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