Monday, February 9, 2009


I don't know...all the other raw foodies have blogs. I'm not in a band, so this is my excuse - raw food.

Raw (vegan) food seems to be my next step in life. Next weekend I am moving from my home of 1.5 years, Los Angeles, to my temporary home of Fort Braggs, CA. I have registered for the Living Light Culinary Institute where I intend to spend three weeks studying the art of raw vegan cuisine.

It will most certainly raw(haw-haw)k. rawk. blargggh. The goal is to come up with as many raw puns as possible.

Following my three-week stint at Living Light (LL), I will continue north to the Oregon-Washington border where I will be reunited with my old stomping grounds, Hood River. For two weeks I will spend my time job hunting, apartment searching, and Master Cleansing. From there, I will begin to carve out a nice little nook for myself in Portland (with a few others, I hope - Kyle, Sarah, Sarah's BF, various household pets and plant life, strewn instruments, etc).

I'd like to open a business. A food company. A vegan food company. Maybe operate a food stand at local farmer's markets - fresh juices, smoothies, nut mylks, and fresh and packaged food fare. The ultimate goal is owning and operating a music lounge that serves vegan food, wine, and beer.

Not all wine and beer is vegan. This is something that was brought to my attention a mere three weeks ago. wat?! Here is a website that tries to clear things up...almost: click me!

Food Log:
*Green smoothie - kale, mango, papaya, agave nectar

*sugar snap peas

*Salad - romaine, red pepper, red tomatoes, red onions (redredredreddddddddd),
*Dressing - olive oil, 1/2 an orange - juiced

*Whole Foods Salad Bar Salad (my fave. my downfall) - plethora of ingredients cooked and uncooked and beyond delicious.

Heroes is on next. I'm still not sure why I watch it.

By-the-way, I'm trying to sell my bed. $200. Available Feb 15th. (or 14th?) 1 year old. Includes: Queen size mattress, box spring, bed frame. K, tell all your friends. Thanks.Photobucket

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